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Performance Management

The value gained from Performance Management is immense, as it reduces inefficiencies dramatically, while improving agency-client understanding. It takes the sting out of performance appraisals highlights opportunities for upskilling and empowerment of staff, and ways to streamline processes.

Performance Appraisals

ADOPS has assisted my teams and agencies to build great relationships. They continuously improve our way of working.

– Adolf Fourie –
Sasol Ltd: Brand Marketing Manager (2013)

Why you need this

We not only deliver increasing agency-client performance ratings, but also manage your agency’s bi-annual performance appraisals fairly and objectively.
We enhance productivity and put measures in place to ensure quality of work is delivered.

While helping you strengthen your agency-client relationships, we provide you with tools to make unbiased decisions that are rooted in facts. We enable you to address performance challenges timelessly and concisely, and to handle these interactions fairly, knowing that the terms set out were reasonable and can be delivered in the agreed timeframe.

We help focus energies on achieving a common goal.​

What we’ll deliver

How we’ll do this

Carefully guide both parties through the answering of the performance management questions.

To know what is working and what is not, and why, we use a performance management tool to measure factors relating to agency performance, agency-client relationships, expectations, pain points and challenges:

These results are collated and discussed in an open forum to encourage dialogue between you and your agency. With the guidance of ADOPS, parties resolve issues and set clear, practical and fair expectations for the future.

Dependent on your agreed remuneration model we will establish the payable risk and reward amount.

The findings are documented in a Performance Management report to monitor and ensure ongoing improvements.

Performance Appraisals

ADOPS adds enormous value to our marketing processes… every process we embark on is handled smoothly and accurately.

– Bronwyn Watt –
Sasol Group: Brand Marketing Manager (2008)

What we’ll deliver

How we’ll do this