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Finding the right communication partner to suit your scope requirements is key. We get to the bottom of exactly what you need, as this will auger well in meeting expections as well as paying the right price for the right product. Negotiating the right deal is key to ensuring you reach your strategic goals – cost-effectively.

We take a holistic approach to help you create a healthy sustainable client-agency relationship that will meet your specific needs and expectations, and assist you in allocating your resources where it will make the greatest impact – all the while avoiding delays and unnecessary tension.

We negotiate agency agreements, remuneration models and assist in agency-partner selection. Although these three services are interlinked, they could be offered in isolation, depending on your specific requirements.

Contract Negotiation

I’ve found ADOPS to be a partner and a great support in setting up billing processes and managing multiple discipline partners to achieve a financially sound model.

– Helen Christoforou –
Telkom SA: Executive Segment Communications and Media (2014)

Why you need this

We negotiate contracts that are fair to all parties involved, terms that are clear, concise and agreed upon by all stakeholders.

We take care of this arduous task, ad-hoc or annually, on your behalf.

Because this is what we do daily, you can rest assured that the negotiation is conducted professionally, concluded speedily and that it is easy to put into practice when it comes to compliance.

Furthermore, when ADOPS is involved in the ongoing management of your agency contracts, the benefits go far beyond minimising delays and inconsistencies. These revised contracts become an effective tool in managing agency performance and serve as a record of Key Performance Indicators.

What we’ll deliver

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Remuneration Negotiation

ADOPS imparts knowledge so that clients are empowered to handle situations long after their services have ended.

– Jessecca Perumal –
Avis: General Marketing Manager (2011)

Why you need this

Benchmarked rates – based on industry norms and best practice – this is the value we add when negotiating agency rates. Client-agency relationships are kept in tact and even flourish when fees are fair and transparent.

Drawing from our many years of experience working with agencies, we can effectively negotiate remuneration and incentive terms.

Our impartial and objective approach to this crucial part of your client-agency relationship protects your interests and limits your risk of financial loss and disputes, while also ensuring agencies are treated fairly and are motivated to give you their best talent.

Remuneration negotiations often flows from contract reviews which can be performed at any stage in the lifecycle of the contract.

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Agency-partner Selection

I appointed ADOPS to assist me in various roles. At the time we consolidated our agency portfolio across the Tsogo Sun Group … I would recommend ADOPS any day to any company, no matter what the size of your requirement.

– Antoinette Bender –
Tsogo Sun: Group Marketing Manager (2011)

Why you need this

ADOPS helps you select the right type of agency to suit your requirements, expectations, budget and company culture.

We know which agencies in the field delivers which specialist services, their capacity and capabilities. We’ll enable you to allocate your resources effectively, to pay for the expertise and skill levels you do need.

You’ll avoid costly mismatches that could lead to a breakdown in client-agency relationships, disputes and possible financial or reputational loss.

What we’ll deliver

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