Your partner in marketing agency value management.

Centralised Reporting

Ours is a complex, tiered business that services diverse functional groups and business units. Our key requirements for a partner is that they understand the business dynamics, demonstrate operational effectiveness in managing our work volumes, as well as the complexity and turnaround time required in a retail environment … I am happy to recommend ADOPS.

​- Helen Christoforou –
Telkom SA: Executive Segment Communications and Media (2014)

Why you need this

We’ll give you clear and concise reports of your agency-related expenditure, which helps you effectively manage your resources and budgeting, and meet audit requirements. The reports will show you exactly what you are paying for and who you are paying it to. We’ll help you determine if you are getting value for your money, all the while identify pending risk and performance issues.

We will provide you with a credible tool invaluable when renegotiating fees, and managing retainer variance.

What we’ll deliver