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Client saves R7m with ADOPS mediation

An agency, contracted by an ADOPS client on commission-based remuneration, incurred more advertising spend than the negotiated retainer. The agency had an additional claim of R13 million at the end of the fiscal year, which was in line with the contract.
After ADOPS negotiated with the agency, the claim was reduced to R6 million,
speedily and efficiently, with the relationship intact, saving the client R7 million in real hard cash.

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Angelika’s professionalism and integrity ensure that every process we embark on is handled smoothly and accurately.
Her knowledge of the industry provides great insight and perspective. She’s an extremely valuable resource to Sasol.

- Bronwyn Watt -
Sasol Group: Brand Marketing Manager (2008)

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Why you need this

In case of dispute between client and agency, mediation is preferable to litigation as it is less time consuming and more cost effective. Its confidential nature reduces your exposure to reputational risk, and spares you having to navigate cumbersome legal red tape. It is more likely to restore client-agency relationships than drawn-out courtroom action.

What we’ll deliver

  • Fairness.
  • Neutrality.
  • Resolution of disputes through an effective mediation process to reach consensus between clients and agencies.

How we’ll do this

As a qualified and certified mediator and arbitrator, Angelika Kempe (ADOPS founder and lead consultant), will facilitate negotiations between client and agency. Following the agreement of both parties, ADOPS will partner with your Legal department to finalise documentation. Financial claim negotiation is also offered as a service.

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