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Cost Management

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ADOPS was tasked to develop and manage a streamlined, cost-effective agency structure that would service both the affluent and smaller properties within the Tsogo Sun Group. This was achieved by segmenting the properties into three budget categories, developing corresponding rates and circulating one standard rate card across four different agencies. Tsogo Sun is still using this model today.

- Antoinette Bender -
Tsogo Sun: Group Marketing Manager (2011)

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Why you need this

With our detailed reporting tool, we can show you either in finite detail or in an executive summary what you have spent and where you’ve spent it.

You will be able to tell which of your partners gets how big of a slice of your total advertising spend. This is especially important when renegotiating
deals for the following fiscal.

You will be able to track savings easily and target new 3rd- and 4th-party suppliers
for even better deals.

Our value lies in saving you money based on insight, without cutting corners or sacrificing relationships. We enable you to manage your agency-related expenses more effectively and provide you with facts that allow you to set realistic budgets and avoid out-of-budget cost.
We give you the tools so you don’t have to sign off expenses blindly or under duress.

We strive for correctness, fairness, transparency and adherence – all underpinned by strong corporate governance.
We make sure you get the best possible price for the right production value.
We encourage dialogue between you and your agency to keep making improvements.

What we’ll deliver

  • Accurate and regular record of agency-related expenses.
  • Assessment of contract compliance in terms of actual estimated expenses.
  • Tool for effective budgeting.
  • Assurance of fair rates charged.
  • Improved integrity client-agency relationships.
  • Reduced likelihood of unforeseen and out-of-budget costs in the future.
  • Especially helpful in handovers or RFQ processes.

How we’ll do this

  • We study your expense records to make sure there are no resource duplication or calculation errors. We compare contract terms with estimated expenses to ensure requirements are being adhered to. We only stamp off cost estimates if we are absolutely in agreement with all the charges levied.
  • Every cost estimate is captured in every possible detail so that reporting is flexible and efficient.
  • Following the receipt of the raw data, we extrapolate insights and build on these to provide a meaningful report to our clients, to enable trending of the information over many fiscals.
  • Whether it be improved governance through checking actual production and resource billings, record-keeping of services rendered and hours billed, or ensuring the meeting of efficiency KPIs – the tool is endless for delivering ongoing efficiencies.
  • These redefined terms form part of a performance management document, which is used as an assessment tool in future performance appraisals.
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