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Assess and Recommend

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ADOPS integrates themselves into your business quickly and efficiently, providing the best possible solution at the most cost-effective price.

- Jessecca Perumal -
Avis: General Marketing Manager (2011)

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Why you need this

Each client is approached within their own context. We step into your world, not you into ours.

We deliver tailormade solutions, not preset and prepackaged plans. It’s about you. It’s about knowing who you are, how you operate, and where you want to be. Then we help to get you there.

A siloed approach rarely delivers sustainable results in the long term.
So we consider the finer nuances of your business to develop holistic recommendations.

What we’ll deliver

  • An insightful assessment against industry benchmarks.
  • A clear picture of where you are at, rooted in facts, not opinion.
  • Objective, straightforward advice.
  • Practical recommendations taking local and international best practice into account.
  • Sustainable solutions.
  • Measurable improvements.

How we’ll do this

  • We want to know your immediate priorities, concerns and desired outcomes. Depending on these, we start collecting data to form an authentic transparent picture of your current reality.
  • We then determine how far this is from where you should be in terms of industry norms and specific to your spend and type of scope.
  • We analyse all the information to be able to gain insight into what is currently working and what could be amended or renegotiated.
  • We substantiate our opinions and provide examples in terms of the impact of the proposed changes.
  • We estimate the benefits and impact on the business so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to go ahead with the proposals.
  • We help you formulate KPIs so that measurement of improved efficiencies is possible.
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