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Your partner in marketing agency value management.

What we can do for you

Reward and Negotiate
Cost Management
Performance Management
Centralised Reporting

Why are our service offerings different?

ADOPS solutions are tailored to suit your needs. They are holistic. They are integrated.​
They align with your strategic marketing objectives to help you achieve your goals.
We follow local and international best practice to guarantee service excellence.

We have a procurement department, why do we need ADOPS?

The ADOPS team members are specialists in the entire marketing-communication supply chain.

We know the industry inside-out and are able to benchmark agency fees, as well as apply local and international best practice to all aspects of agency management.

ADOPS will assist your procurement department in contract negotiation, vendor selection and resource-tracking. You will be saved from unnecessary costs, effort and possible problems that could occur down the line.

The cost of the ADOPS solutions far outweigh the risks and costs that occur when the holistic marketing-communication environment is not fully understood from start to finish. For this reason the ADOPS fees are often not only self-liquidating, but they’ve achieved ROIs of up to x15 of the charged fee.

I trust my agencies, why do we need ADOPS?

Our service is not about distrust.
It is about good governance, efficiency, fairness and transparency.
ADOPS helps clients and agencies benefit from effective cost control.
Our services often add value to agencies too, as it improves their processes and, in particular, the management of resources and the ability to cost their services.nd the client’s anticipated agency spend.
This is far more efficient than levying commission on your media spend.

What cost-saving will ADOPS be able to deliver?

The ADOPS pay-for-service model is directly linked to our client’s level of investment.
It is a fixed percentage on verified spend. Return on Investment (ROI) typically ranges from 5 to 16
i.e. for every R1 our client spends with us, we prove that they get anywhere between R5 and R16 back.

We pay our agencies commission on media spend, mark-up and creative time. Is this effective?​

In line with global trends, ADOPS believes that agencies should be paid on output and not input.
The required output dictates the resources needed.

A lot of clients are charged a cost which does not relate to output as they follow a top-down approach, whereas ADOPS follows a bottom-up approach. We investigate what the client requires, and then recommend and negotiate the right mix to achieve the desired result at the best cost. This directly relates to output.

ADOPS benchmarks the cost of resources, comparing it against other agencies, as well as the annual South African industry salary survey.

ADOPS explores agencies’ overhead percentages, mark-ups, and the client’s anticipated agency spend.
This is far more efficient than levying commission on your media spend.

How do we charge?

We offer competitive rates that are based on your specific needs, and the scope and complexity of the project.
A proposal, timetable and quotation will follow a face-to-face interaction.


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What our clients say

“Based on my experience with the ADOPS team, I am happy to recommend them
as a service provider and more importantly, as an integral business partner.”
– Helen Christoforou –
Telkom SA: Executive Segment Communications and Media (2014)

“Working with ADOPS has been a truly amazing experience.”
– Jessecca Perumal –
Avis: General Marketing Manager (2011)

ADOPS is not just a service provider, but also an integral part of my brand team.”
– Adolf Fourie –
Sasol Ltd: Brand Marketing Manager (2013)​​


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