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Your partner in marketing agency value management.

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My investment with ADOPS gives me great returns
– far beyond its competitive costs.

– Adolf Fourie –
Sasol Ltd: Brand Marketing Manager (2013)

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ADOPS was announced as the agency management provider for multinational telecommunications company MTN, after winning the MTN Global Agency Management Pitch in 2016 which spanned across 22 countries.

Coca-Cola South Africa saves millions of rands on their FIFA 2010 programme with ADOPS.

ADOPS revolutionised Sasol Ltd Group of Companies’ agency management, slashing costs and turnaround times, and got agencies to compete on quality of work and relationship rather than on price.

Tsogo Sun acquires 14 new properties and ADOPS develops a cost-effective and streamlined agency structure that spans across the entire property portfolio, benchmarking fees, improving efficiencies.

ADOPS ensures delivery of all Nestle SA’s creative and media needs, despite the long-distance management required at the time. Expert selection of vendors and substantial cost savings were realised without compromising quality.

Best talent. Best practice. Best value.

We help you work smarter with your marketing and advertising agencies to improve their productivity and cost-effectiveness.
We’ve been delivering on our promises for more than a decade to clients across many industries with different needs and budgets.
We cover the full spectrum of 360-degree marketing and media to ensure you get the best talent, the best practice and the best value throughout the marketing communication supply chain.


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Assess and Recommend

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ADOPS integrates themselves into your business quickly and efficiently, providing the best possible solution at the most cost-effective price.

- Jessecca Perumal -
Avis: General Marketing Manager (2011)

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I've found ADOPS to be a partner and a great support in setting up billing processes and managing multiple discipline partners to achieve a financially sound model.

- Helen Christoforou -
Telkom SA: Executive Segment Communications and Media (2014)

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Cost Management

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ADOPS was tasked to develop and manage a streamlined, cost-effective agency structure that would service both the affluent and smaller properties within the Tsogo Sun Group. This was achieved by segmenting the properties into three budget categories, developing corresponding rates and circulating one standard rate card across four different agencies. Tsogo Sun is still using this model today.

- Antoinette Bender -
Tsogo Sun: Group Marketing Manager (2011)

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Performance Management

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ADOPS has assisted my teams and agencies to build great relationships.
They continuously improve our way of working.

- Adolf Fourie -
Sasol Ltd: Brand Marketing Manager (2013)

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Centralised Reporting

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Ours is a complex, tiered business that services diverse functional groups and business units. Our key requirements for a partner is that they understand the business dynamics, demonstrate operational effectiveness in managing our work volumes, as well as the complexity and turnaround time required in a retail environment ... I am happy to recommend ADOPS.

- Helen Christoforou -
Telkom SA: Executive Segment Communications and Media (2014)

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Angelika’s professionalism and integrity ensure that every process we embark on is handled smoothly and accurately.
Her knowledge of the industry provides great insight and perspective. She’s an extremely valuable resource to Sasol.

- Bronwyn Watt -
Sasol Group: Brand Marketing Manager (2008)

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Yes, we are the perfect fit

ADOPS works with large, medium and smaller corporate, private and public companies in South Africa and internationally.
Clients include top JSE-listed corporates, international blue chip companies, and large South African parastatals; such as Avis, Amka, The Coca-Cola Company, Sasol, Telkom SA, Tsogo Sun, Famous Brands, MTN, GM and Nestle.

ADOPS partners with local and global companies with advertising budgets from R5 million to hundreds of millions.​


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